Charley Landgraf ’75

Why I Volunteer

Charley Landgraf '75

Charley Landgraf '75 is a member of the Rice Board of Trustees, the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies Advisory Board, the Boniuk Institute for Religious Tolerance Advisory Board, and the Rice Annual Fund Steering Committee. He is also the Class of 1975 Reunion co-chair and served as chair of the Initiative for Students Cabinet. In addition, he has hosted numerous yield parties, internships and regional alumni events in Washington, D.C.

Why do you volunteer for Rice?

The Rice proposition — academic excellence, commitment to socio-economic opportunity, world-class research and scholarship, all in an institution sized for maximum benefit to students — is rare and compelling. It simply must be encouraged and supported.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering at Rice?

Interaction with Rice students is invariably reaffirming, and hearing and absorbing what faculty are working on and offering is the closest I come to experiencing learning for its own sake in an otherwise work-a-day professional world.

What's a fun Rice fact about you?

I volunteered for telethon as an undergraduate because an alumnus who was an early Burger King franchisee promised unlimited Whoppers throughout the evening.

What would you say to your fellow alumni/parents/friends to encourage them to volunteer for Rice?

See answer above to "Why do you volunteer?" Now we are engaged in a great struggle, testing whether this institution, or any institution so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. With our increased devotion to that cause, it will. (Apologies to A. Lincoln.)