Kate Gunn Pagel '05

Why I Volunteer

Kate Gunn Pagel '05

In what roles have you volunteered for Rice?

Lovett College Community Associate, Class Reunion Giving Chair (5th and 10th), Houston Young Alumni Chair

Why do you volunteer for Rice and what is the value for alumni and current students?

I volunteer for Rice because I cannot imagine my life without my Rice experience. I learned so much from my time at Rice, and I want to be sure that current and future students get that same, and hopefully even better, opportunity.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering at Rice?

Interacting with absolutely incredible people: not only my fellow alums, but faculty, staff, and especially the students who are doing some truly incredible things.

What's a fun Rice fact about you?

I was a founding member of the Autry Army (basketball cheering section). Go Owls!

What would you say to your fellow alumni/parents/friends to encourage them to volunteer for Rice?

Rice has only gotten better since we graduated. Thanks to volunteers like us, it will only continue to get better. It's pretty amazing to have the opportunity to be a part of something like this.