Kay and David Lasater

Why I Volunteer

Kay and David Lasater: Rice Parents

Kay and David, along with their daughter Sarah ’20, have embraced the Rice experience as family. They seek out opportunities to connect with other parents, alumni and friends.

In what roles have you volunteered for Rice?

We are the co-chairs of the Parents Leadership Council (2019-2020).

Why do you volunteer for Rice?

We volunteer so that we can be better connected to the people and places that are significant to our daughter’s experience. These opportunities also help us to meet other parents and to engage with alumni and friends who have enriched this journey for our family.

What's a fun Rice fact about you?

Across four weekends, when I was a rising high school freshman in the summer of 1966, I learned to throw a football from Rice math instructor Dr. Frank Ryan. He was also starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

What would you say to your fellow alumni/parents/friends to encourage them to volunteer for Rice?

Please join us in being connected to this significant venue of your student’s life.