Michael Maher '75 mentors students to bring out their professional best

For Michael Maher ’75, volunteering is a way to maintain a strong connection to today’s students.

“I was the poster child of someone who paid no attention to what they were going to do when they graduated,” says Maher. “So I want to help students think through what’s next.”

Maher mentors students as a Martel College community associate, a volunteer for the School of Social Sciences Gateway programs, and a member of the Center for Career Development’s alumni advisory board.

“I get students to identify what is worth putting forward about their experience,” says Maher. “In an interview, nobody is there to speak for you, so you’ve got to say it yourself and point to real things that you’ve done.”

One of Maher’s mentees, Neethi Nayak ’17 (pictured above), met with him as a freshman and continues to check in with him regularly. For Neethi, it’s a major boost to have an advocate in her corner.

“Michael shows confidence in me,” she says.  “In turn, I’m able to communicate that confidence to someone else. Having an adult who is invested in me makes it a lot easier for me to do the same for myself.”

“The most fun I have,” says Maher, “is when a student gains confidence through realizing what they’re good at, what they’ve accomplished and how to get that across. Neethi is a great example of that.”

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